Milta Cares about your Growth

Our Clients trust us as we were created with the sole determination of solving Small & Medium size problems and needs. For many companies, paying a full-time controller or accountant is excessive for their needs, but then waiting on important information is highly inefficient for your company and hindering to their growth.

We wanted to create a system that took part-time controlling and accounting services and equated them to a full-time presence and impact.

So, we did.

We are really proud of what our team does, and we really think you will be too.


An Outsourcing Company Designed for Small & Medium Businesses

Why should small businesses have to choose between overpriced and over-sized solutions just because they are designed for much larger companies or just getting by with stop-gap measures they can afford but which don’t really address to their company needs. Milta works exclusively with Small & Medium size companies offering designed services with their needs in mind and at prices they can afford.


Why is Milta unique.

At Milta we think every business is unique. To us, working as your partner and help you grow is where everything starts, and ends.

Meet The Team

John Willson

Senior Marketing Manager
Email:  john@miltafs.com
Phone:  +1 (813)-547-5487
 +44 (204)-577-2529
Experience: 15+ Years

Michael Beatty

Senior Controller & Client Relations
Email:  info@miltafs.com
Phone:  +1 (813)-560-0065
Experience: 7+ Years

Mohammed Rizwan

Marketing and Operations
Email:  mohammed@miltafs.com
Phone:  +1 (813)-303-0213
Experience: 10+ Years

Raja Vignesh

Operations Head
Email:  raja@miltafs.com
Phone:  +1 (813)-560-0065
Experience: 10+ Years


Small & Medium size companies need more than just bookkeeping.

Not everything is about cleaning books which is a must-have for small & medium businesses, the owners need much more financial & administrative support than that to make important decisions in order to keep their business thriving.

Small & Medium businesses should get more for their money.

Milta has the perfect Service packages and operational models designed specifically for small & medium businesses to change the economics of service delivery, providing business owners and executives a much higher-quality service they can count on, without having to break any company budget.

Our clients deserve access to experts at a price they can afford.

With Milta team-based approach, small & medium size business owners have access to experienced Accountants, Controllers, Financial Analyst and Payroll Executives, all for a fraction of the cost of a single full-time in-house accountant.

Milta has change that.

Think of us as the kind of trusted accounting & tax professionals who is fast on our feet, flexible to adapt to your solutions and your ever-changing needs.

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